15 Ways To Make Money Online

make money online

How To Make Money Online

There are several ways to make money online, whether you want to conveniently make pocket money for college, you want to afford something, or you hope to get financially independent, some of the best ways include:

1. Niche sites and affiliate marketing:

Make money promoting companies products and services. Starting a niche site is one of the many ways you can do affiliate marketing. Use keyword tools to search for niche site ideas. Also check this site: nichehacks out if you haven’t already heard of it. Use clickbank, commision junkie and shareasale to sign up for products to promote

2. Start a blog:

On anything, fashion, tech, celebrity, business, cooking, health etc You can go the authority blog way or the niche way. Make money with affiliate advertising, image ads, text ads, sell your products, review products etc. Start a blog today by picking a niche, view my blog posts about blog niches and categories to consider. Choose a domain name and get web hosting from bluehost here. Bluehost offers free domain name, low-cost and attractively priced hosting plans. It is easy to set up, tested and tried. Finally, pick a well designed theme and start blogging.

3. Flip apps and websites:

Buy and sell website or mobile apps that is already making money or with potential to make(more) money. Improve on the site/app and either keep it or flip(resell) to make more money.

4. Social media monetizing

If you have a large following on Instagram, twitter, Snapchat etc. Let advertisers know you will promote their products products. Some one with 10,000 followers can make as much as $50-$100 dollar per post or more depending on their level of influence. Micro blog on instagram and make money doing it.

5. Start a v-log:

Make videos featuring your skills, tutorials or how-to videos and post them on YouTube. Try to get a large following/views and make money by displaying advertising and sponsored video posts. Easier said than done. Make videos about make up tutorials, songs mashups, singing, tech and gadget tutorials, funny videos etc.

6. Sell your professional services:

Sell your services via upwork, 99designs. Services you can sell includes logo designing, video editing, image editing, social media management, graphics design, web design, web and app development. Master a skill and start selling now.

7. Sell gigs on fiverr:

Sell gigs(anything you know how to do) for money. Gigs which include e-book cover designing, social media advertising, video ad designing, writing and other wackier gig ideas.

8. Sell your crafts and designs:

Sell your designs and art work via etsy, zazzle, redbubble, society6 etc. Etsy let’s you sell crafts while redbubble, Zazzle, society6 and the likes let’s you sell your designs on hundreds of products such as phone cases, beddings, stickers, jewelry, mugs. You just upload your designs and pick a product or 100 and sell. You get a percentage of the sales. Create 3d designs and have them printed via sites like shapeway to sell.

9. Write an e-book/course:

Write on a topic you know and sell information in form of an e-book. Teach a course, skill or tell a story and sell it in e-book format. Self-publish on Amazon or/and promote it via your website, google ads, social media etc.

10. Make a mobile app/game:

You do not need to know how to code to make an app. Test and validate your idea, know your potential user base, hire freelance web developers via upwork and freelancer, launch your app, monetize either by freemium or premium model and market it. You can equally launch a minimum viable product to validate the idea.

11. Sell your photography:

Sell your photos to stock photo sites  like istockphoto or directly to individuals who wants them.

12. Get paid to write:

Write articles for other bloggers and company. Find your clients on fiverr, upwork, social media, forums or via ads. Writing jobs will always be available as long as blogs, sites and e-books are still existing.

13. Become a virtual assistant:

Put your time spent online to use and money by becoming a virtual assistant. Virtual assistant do a wide range of actions such as customer care, blog management, social account management, record keeping, information research, training and educating services and presenting etc. Find jobs via upwork, freelancer and fiverr

14. Domain name investing:

Make money by buying domain names and reselling at a higher price. Alternatively develop the domain into a site to command a higher price. Buy and sell through Flippa, namepros, sedo, godaddy auctions etc.

15. Start an online shop:

Use shopify to easily create and set up your search engine optimised and well designed shop. Start a shop in niches such as fashion, phone accessories, health etc buy preferably niche down to target a small but well-defined audience and compete against the e-commerce giant. For example, in fashion niche, you can niche down to women’s wristwatches and jewellery, men’s ties and accessories etc.

Feel free to add the various ways by which you make money online!






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