50 Reasons I Absolutely want To Travel!


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50 Reasons I want To Travel

Travel is awesome and fun. It is also a brave thing to do. Here are my reasons to travel, enjoy and be inspired!

1. Meet amazing people all over the world from different cultures and backgrounds.

2. To Taste delicious delicacies and cuisines from different countries and culture

3. Be totally independent and experience maximum freedom

4. Be absolutely super street(global) wise

5. Learning other languages can be fun

6. To expand my professional network globally

7. To face my fears and be absolutely courageous

8. To tell amazing tales and stories of my travelling adventures

9. To start a travel blog

10. To pick up a wide range of hobbies

11. Experience different cultures eye to eye

12. To populate my passport with stamps

13. Stay in amazingly awesome hotels all over the world

50 Reasons to travel
Image credit(s): Mustafa Sheikh


14. Visit exciting beaches all over the world

15. To see the world in all it’s beauty

16. To learn more about different cultures

17. Wear the traditional clothes of people from various cultures and countries

18. Skydiving

19. Visit historical places and movie sites

20. Plenty of magnificent beaches around the world to surf

21. And dive, and snorkel

22. To learn how to say hello, please, sorry and thank you in 10-20 plus languages of the world

23. To keep a pretty long list of all the cities I have been to

24. Know at least 1 friend/person in every country I have been to.

25. To attempt to have breakfast in one city and lunch or dinner in another city

26. Shop fashion/food/stuff all around the world

27. Because airport fashion

28. To fulfill my bucket list

29. To spend and understand the value of dfferent currencies

30. To see the seven wonders of the world

31. To take pictures of beautiful things around the world

32. And populate my Instagram with it

33. To become a certified globetrotter

34. To learn how to cook exotic dishes from various countries

35. Visit various restaurants worldwide

36. To learn how to overcome jetlag

37. To improve my social skills by talking to people all over the world

38. To be called a foreigner (really weird I know)

39. To see exotic real estate round the world

40. To do business globally

41. To just see beautiful people of the world

42. And take pictures of/with them

43. To experience Nostalgia whenever I remember an absolutely breathtaking experience while travelling

44. To experience the euphoria and thrill of travelling

45. To attend local events and parties in a city

46. Listen to the music of different countries in the world

47. And watch their movies

48. To take long walks in beautiful places around the world

49. To sunbathe and experience the weather in different cities

50. Because well YOLO! (You Only Live Once)



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