Niche Ideas For Fashion Blogs


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Niche Ideas For Fashion Blogs

Start a fashion blog with the right hosting, domain and right themes. Start it with the best niche(s) too.

1. Personal Style blog

Personal style blogs are hot, detail your ootds(outfit of the day), fashion must haves fashion know how’s and any other things you so wish. A personal style blog will make for a good lifestyle business.

2. Fashion accessories blog

Fashion accessories are like the sugar in a cup of tea, or on a doughnut. Every one wears fashion accessories, let your readers understand the latest accessories style and choices. You can niche down further to a sub-set of accessories such as jewellery, shoes, bags etc.

3. Celebrity fashion

Celebrities are style and trend setters. Trend setters are a perfect fit for a blog niche. Fans want to check out what their favourite celebs are wearing to the red carpet, to the beach, to work, to shopping or to soak in the sun. One good thing about this niche is that you can never run out of posts, with millions of celebs in every country spotted out and about and always dressed to impress(and kill). Micro-niche includes: celebrity kids fashion

4. Luxury fashion

Write about the chanel, valentino, hermes, louboutin and zanotti  splurges, the Instagram and celebrity luxury fashion spotting. Equally help your readers make good luxury fashion splurges, compare and review luxury fashion items.

5. Style/Make up Tutorials blog

Got a few style tips and skills under your belt? Teach and show your readers how-to tutorials, DIYs videos and other tips etc.

6. Hairstyles blog

Because hairstyling is a several billion dollars industry. Write about hair styling options for different face types, body types, hair types and different events, hair styling tutorials and wig styles etc. Micro-niches include: Black hairstyling, curly hairstyling, hair extensions and wigs, kids hairstyling, natural hairstyling, straight hairstyling.

7. Body type fashion blog

Be it plus-size, slender or petite fashion, blog about your unique body type styling options, products flattering styles and design.

8. Fashion news/interviews blog

Write about fashion news and events guide, compile and curate fashion interviews of fashion professionals.

9 Fashion Business/Career and Start up blog

Write about various fashion careers and businesses there are. This will attract readers who want to work in the fashion industry. Write to let them know what it takes and entails, interview the people in the businesses such as the designers, make-up artists, photographers, models etc. Micro-niches include: Modelling blog, fashion photography, Fashion journalism.

10. Travel fashion

For jetsetters and travellers, document your travel along with your style on your blog. Tell your readers about your airport fashion looks, Paris weather fashion, Hawaiian beach fashion, Tokyo vibe fashion etc.

How You Can Start Blogging.

Pick a niche and get started by purchasing blog hosting. Bluehost is easy to use and set up via 1-click installation. It has very attractively priced plans (low cost), plenty of storage and unmetered bandwidth. Get bluehost hosting here.

The next step is to pick a suitable blog theme and with good, attractive and responsive site design. Finally, set up your blog with easy one-click installation that bluehost offers.






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