Niche Ideas For Technology Blogs


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Technology Blog Niche Ideas.

Technology is a hot niche, you will never run out of blog posts as new happenings take place in technology everyday. You can make money  blogging about technology too, new gadget and product launches everyday and to be customers need some help finding and buying these products. Offer them help by blogging. If you have decided to start a technology blog but want to see the various niches you can bog about, go over the following

1. Gadget review and comparison blog

Review and compare different brands and types of gadgets, let your readers know about the pros and cons and equip them with enough information to make spending decisions. You can start a review and comparison blog about: mobile phones, laptops, PCs, headsets, tablets, etc.

2. Technology news blog

Write about the latest news and happenings in the world of technology. Blog about product launches and releases. This type of blog requires frequent updates.

3. Gadgets and apps curator blog

Let your readers discover gadgets, apps and technological services for different uses. Curate odd gadgets, gadget gift ideas for different people: musicians, entrepreneur, mom etc.

4. Start up news blog

Blog about the latest start-ups, the launches, acquisitions, the people behind the start ups, the unicorns in the start up world and other happenings in the start up world.

5. Tutorials and how-to blog

Teach people technological know-hows and tutorials. Teach people how to code, how to make an iPhone app, how to root an android phone, how to run windows on a Mac device, the list is endless. Show your readers by blogging and make videos about it. Alternatively launch a course about it.

6. Virtual Reality Blog 

Virtual reality will generate about $160 bn in revenue by 2020. Blog about the latest VR news, the VR systems, the gadgets, the games, the movies, the applications, the PC(s), the headsets and other equipments. Help tech enthusiasts who wants to invest in VR systems make informed decisions.

7. Gaming blog.

Start a gaming blog, review games, rate games and blog about their game plays providing videos and screenshots, write about gaming systems and equipments, you can blog about mobile games, indie games, PCs games and consoles.

How You Can Start Blogging.

Pick a niche, a suitable domain name and get started by purchasing blog hosting. Bluehost is easy to use and set up via 1-click installation. It has very attractively priced plans (low cost), plenty of storage and it will save you money. Get bluehost hosting here.  You also get a free domain name when you purchase hosting from bluehost.

Now $3.95/month. The next step is to pick a suitable blog theme with good attractive and responsive design. Finally, set up with easy one-click installation that bluehost offers and start blogging.


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